24 12 2013



24 12 2013

dpt-thanksgiving-1by Steve Dunn

It is now well-established that people are most likely to give to vision. In other words, people invest it what they believe is both vital and is likely to do be done in a way that bears kingdom fruit.

If you think of this as merely fundraising, you lose a key opportunity to get people to take responsibility for ministry by investing themselves and not just give money to something. When an investment of time is connected to the check, an opportunity to build redemptive relationships is created. People move from mere philanthropy to participating in building bridges to the Bridge. You also create an opportunity to build community among those who are investing in the mission (or the part that they are being called to invest in)

1. Identify a ministry that is vital to the mission of your church.

2. Create a case statement for that ministry that talks first the importance of this ministry, then about the outcomes you are looking for, the strategy to accomplish.

3. Identify how someone can invest in this ministry–both financially in direct gifts–and how they can invest themselves in carrying out the ministry. The amount of time is not an issue, but even a small investment of time begins to help them develop a sense of ownership over it.

4. Provide well-conceived equipping for their personal involvement and coaching while the ministry is being carried out.

5. Evaluate, correct what is not working, celebrate what God is doing through them and the ministry.

6. Invite the giver to tell the story.

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN FANNING INTO FLAME (December 2 2013) This is a publication that Bridgebuilders does for the Allegheny Conference of the Churches of God, General Conference.  If you would like a sample of this and an idea of what Bridgebuilders Ministries might create for you and your ministry contact sdunnpastor@gmail.com