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My name is Steve Dunn (I’m the one on the far right – position in the photo, not politically or theologically).  My passion is that every person have a life-transforming, destiny-altering relationship with Jesus Christ.  I began teaching Becoming a Contagious Christian thirty years ago and have since then coached literally hundreds of people in sharing their faith and introducing people to Jesus.   I am a tireless advocate of the idea that the chief reason for the Church is making disciples who will be on mission with Jesus as He declares the Good News of the Kingdom of God.  And yes, I have countless times had the incomparable privilege of leading people to the Bridge.

I have been a pastor for nearly 45 years, having served churches from as small as 80 to as large as 700 in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. I am part of the denominational family known as the Churches of God, General Conference.  I serve as an Intentional Interim Specialist/Pastor with the Eastern Regional Conference.  My main employment is as the Academic and Institutional Liaison (read “administrator”) for Winebrenner Theological Seminary at its Scotland PA location near Chambersburg PA where my wife Dianne and I now live.


In 2011 I began a consulting, equipping, publishing ministry called Bridgebuilders Ministries.  I am the creator of the Bridgebuilders Seminar, which helps churches reach their unchurched neighbors.  In 2015 I published the book The Bridgebuilder Principle which outlines the biblical concepts, values, and ministry strategies that help churches accomplish that.

My main blog site is Dr.SteveDunn.com.

2 responses

12 08 2012

thank you for the link back and ping back to my post. I appreciate it very much.

I noticed the Church of God connection. I am Anderson alum as well.

12 08 2012

Actually, I am a member of the Churches of God, General Conference (Findlay-Harrisburg) but used to write for Warner Press. Good friends with Bob Pierson and Barry Hoffman and a friend of James Massey, as well.

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