20 04 2012

From Perry Noble comes these important reminders and issues churches who will be engaged in Bridgebuilding MUST guard against.- STEVE

 BY Perry Noble

1. When excuses are made about the way things are instead of embracing a willingness to roll up the sleeves and fix the problem.

2. When the church becomes content with merely receiving people that come rather than actually going out and finding them…in other words, they lose their passion for evangelism!

3. The focus of the church is to build a great church (complete with the pastor’s picture…and his wife’s…on everything) and not the Kingdom of God.

4. The leadership begins to settle for the natural rather than rely on the supernatural.

5. The church begins to view success/failure in regards to how they are viewed in the church world rather than whether or not they are actually fulfilling the Great Commission!

6. The leaders within the church cease to be coachable.

7. There is a loss of a sense of urgency! (Hell is no longer hot, sin is no longer wrong, and the cross is no longer important!)

8. Scripture isn’t central in every decision that is made!

9. The church is reactive rather than proactive.

10. The people in the church lose sight of the next generation and refuse to fund ministry simply because they don’t understand “those young people.”

11. The goal of the church is to simply maintain the way things are…to NOT rock the boat and/or upset anyone…especially the big givers!

12. The church is no longer willing to take steps of faith because “there is just too much to lose.”

13. The church simply does not care about the obvious and immediate needs that exist in the community.

14. The people learn how to depend on one man to minister to everyone rather than everyone embracing their role in the body, thus allowing the body to care for itself.

15. When the leaders/staff refuse to go the extra mile in leading and serving because of how “inconvenient” doing so would be.


4 04 2012

The early part of this year I was on sabbatical, and the past few weeks I have been getting back up to speed at church and getting ready for Easter, now four days away.  Thank you for your patience.  You can begin looking for this blog on at least a weekly basis now.  Time for a little update.

Saturday, April 28, 2012 is the next Bridgebuilders Seminar.  It is a multichurch event being hosted by the Germantown Church of God near Cascade, Maryland.  Mark Hosler is the host pastor. To learn about the host church and get directions go to their website GERMANTOWN.  The Seminar is being sponsored by the Commission on Evangelism of the Eastern Region Conference of the Churches of God. Cost is $15 per person or $50 total for four or more from the same church.  To register go to the Commission’s website, EVANGELISM PLUS.  Registration deadline is April 23.

Two more multi-church events are planned for September 22 in the Cumberland County area of Pennsylvania and October27 in the Harrisburg area.