1 07 2014



As the summer heats up, the ministry of Bridgebuilders is picking up speed.  Dr. Steve Dunn introduced our newest training program for Bridgebuilder churches, “Building an Elder Team”on June 20-21, 2014 in Durham NC.  Bishop Victor Glover brought elders and potential elders for the three congregations of the Last Days World Outreach for a seven hour training experience. (These congregations are part of the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God and are located in Hillsborough, Raleigh and Warsaw NC).

“Building an Elder Team” is based on developing a discipleship culture and training persons to share with the pastor the responsibility of being shepherds if the flock.

Two more Bridgebuilders Seminars have been scheduled in the Allegheny Regional Conference of the Churches of God. July 26 the first one will be held at the Barkeyville Church of God in Pittsburgh,  (The church currently has no pastor, but has Winebrenner Seminary student Heidi Mikulin is coordinating this event.

September 5-6, 2014, Pastor Lee Kline and the Center Bethel Church of God in Alverton PA will host Bridgebuilders.

A new tool begins a 40 week pilot at Barkeyville following their event.  Bridgebuilders is developing Real Disciples, an extended study that uses a variety of tools including an Individualized Disciple Education Plan to help build a small missional culture within a traditional, to model the changes needed to be more effective as Christ’s disciples today.

Publication of The Bridgebuilders Principle has been slowed by the writing of some new sections and the editorial work needed.  We are still aiming to go to press the end of summer with an October release date.



5 10 2013
BRIDGEBUILDERS - Building bridges to the Bridge

BRIDGEBUILDERS – Building bridges to the Bridge

Coming to Last Days World Outreach – Hillsborough, North Carolina

October 20, 2013

Dr. Steve Dunn and Bridgebuilders Ministry
will share with us three messages on
reaching our unchurched neighbors in these Last Days

“Listening to the Holy Spirit to Understand
the Needs and Dreams of Our Neighbors”

“Learning to Tell Your Story”

And during the Sunday Service
“The Word Becomes Flesh and Moves Into the Neighborhood”

Bishop Victor Glover will be the host.  Then on October 21, 2013 Bridgebuilders will be providing a ministry of encouragement and equipping to Epic Church in Bluffton SC, Pastor Sabrina Bragg.


BRIDGEBUILDERS – Building bridges to the Bridge 2013

17 01 2013
BRIDGEBUILDERS - Building bridges to the Bridge

BRIDGEBUILDERS – Building bridges to the Bridge


Bridgebuilders is about to enter a whole new level of ministry.  God has been moving in some exciting and powerful ways during 2012 and we eagerly anticipate what He is planning to do next through this arm of His kingdom.

After two years of research, writing and three pilot events, Bridgebuilders Seminars was launched in the winter and spring of 2010-2011 with three events sponsored by the ERC Commission on Evangelism in eastern Pennsylvania–at Roaring Spring, Elizabethtown and Camp Hill. The Seminars also received a broader introduction at breakout workshops at the 2011 sessions of the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God. Weather issues and some scheduling problems with host churches, reduced our introductory events in the fall and winter of 2011-2012 but we were able to present the ministry at Shippensburg PA and Germantown MD.  While that public momentum slowed, God was at work behind the scenes.

In January 2012, I was given the opportunity to share the principles and format for the Bridgebuilders Seminars for the Regional Directors and Officers of the General Conference at a Leadership Retreat in Columbus OH.  That led to three immediate invitations for the Directors from the Allegheny, Great Lakes, and Western Regions.  In May I presented a new format called “The Bridgebuilders Principle” to the delegates of the Allegheny Conference at the their annual conference session at Camp Sunrise Mountain.  I was also able to interview our first potential Bridgebuilders Trainer from that Conference-Mike Bobula of Latrobe PA and also was able to recruit General Conference Associate Lance Finley, who operates out of Findlay OH.  In June I was given an plenary session opportunity with extended time to share the The Bridgebuilders Principle to the delegates meeting at the Great Lakes Conference in Findlay.  I also received time to do two one-hour breakout sessions on “The Mission Field Outside Your Front Door” which introduced people to some of the practical applications we teach in the Seminars.

In October I was invited first to the General Conference’s renewal conference called The Gathering for Renewal, sharing the actual Bridgebuilders Seminar with persons from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.  This was followed with a Bridgebuilders Seminar provided in the same week for the Western Regional Pastors and Spouses Retreat in Branson MO.  This included persons from Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.  These events led to a training retreat on “Creating a Discipleship Culture” for the November Ad Council Retreat for the Midwest Conference in Terre Haute IN and our first Bridgebuilders Seminar in the Allegheny Region at Mt. Pleasant in January of this year. (The event in Mt. Pleasant was the single best attended Bridgebuilders Seminar ever with 58 people attending).

Bridgebuilders Seminar at Eberly's Mill included PTI students

Bridgebuilders Seminar at Eberly’s Mill included PTI students

This fall the ERC sponsored two more area offerings of the Seminar–at Newville and Eberlys Mill in the ERC.  Both were also attended by students from the Pastoral Training Institute as guests of the Commission.  And Shippensburg sponsored the first ever Bridgebuilders Sunday which included a message from me at both services, a training time with the adult and youth Sunday School and a Sunday evening two-hour workshop. Three more men joined the process to become Bridgebuilders Trainers for the ERC – Mark Halliday, Tim Bistline and Dave Anderson.

As we head into 2013 the Commission on Evangelism is reorganizing to make Bridgebuilders and the Seminars the core to its program of resourcing churches and the School of Evangelism is becoming the training arm for coaches for the conference and local churches seeking to use the Bridgebulders Principle in their ministry. Planning has begun for Bridgebuilders Seminars at New Horizons and Camp Hill in the ERC and Latrobe and Indian Head in the ARC.  Later in 2013 the Bridgebuilders Principle will be presented to the Midwest Conference’s annual sessions.  It is hoped to have a book (which I am completing) called The Bridgebuilders Principle available for resourcing churches later in 2013.

God has been very busy.


31 10 2012

Persons from eight central Pennsylvania churches attended a recent Bridgebuilders Seminar in Camp Hill

Kelly Hall is a member of the Newville PA Church of God who attended a recent Bridgebuilders Seminar. This is what he shared with Steve a few weeks later.

Just a few comments on our outreach in our Couple’s Ministry Class.

We have had some great discussion in our couple’s class the past two weeks. Within that time we have decided to select 3 star’s off a Christmas tree at our local grocery store. The star has names of children in our area that are in financial need. We are able to provide a gift box with their needed requests and we are also open to include our own special gifts.

We have made contact in our local high school guidance’s office. We are being provided with name(s) of families in our area that have special needs. They will give us permission to contact them and help with their needs and this will allow visits from our class. At this time, there is at least two families that we should be able to connect with.

We are also purchasing children bibles to distribute in the community for random visits.

This has been something heavy on my heart …… to do more in our couple’s class. We have helped within our church but your seminar has motivated me to move outside our church walls. Thank you for the inspiration.




5 10 2012

BRIDGEBUILDERS SEMINARS were originally designed to meet a specific need identified by the Commission on Evangelism of the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God.  How do we help traditional churches reach their unchurched neighbors without fighting a culture war?  The Seminar has been developed by Dr. Steve Dunn.  The Seminar was first piloted at Landisville PA, Martinsburg PA and Enola PA.  The pilot identified a more proactive approach which disengaged from the culture war framework to teaching a traditional church to think of them as a missionary organism serving on the mission field which begin outside their front door.  Exegeting the culture and designing ministry that reaches those unchurched neighbors while learning to be Christ’s respectful ambassadors is the new thrust.  And a very clear evangelistic purpose–building bridges of truth and grace to the Bridge to Salvation–Jesus Christ.

Dr. Steve Dunn, Bridgebuilders creator, speaking at the recent sessions of the Great Lakes Conference in Findlay OH. Photo courtesy of Ed Rosenberry.

Beginning in 2011 – the ERC sponsored multi-church events introduce the Seminar to local churches.  In addition, one hour events focusing on what is now called “The Bridgebuilders Principle” were inaugurated.  Seminars have now been held at five sights in Pennsylvania and Maryland, all within the Churches of God and the Bridgebuilders Presentations have been made in four different settings in three of the regions of the Churches of God and to the Regional Directors and General Conference Officers.

The Bridgebuilders Seminars and the Bridgebuilders ministry are now entering a new stage, a stage aimed at serving the Kingdom of God beyond Pennsylvania and the Churches of God.  The ERC is preparing to publish a book by Dr. Dunn called The Bridgebuilders Principle,outlining the fundamental philosophy and vision of the churches being bridges to the Bridge.  It is hoped that this will be ready for release by December of this year. In addition, a workbook for missional groups in local churches is being developed for release in the spring of 2013.

Persons are being trained in the Eastern, Allegheny and Great Lakes Regions of the Churches of God to work alongside Dr. Dunn is presenting these seminars as requests develop across the country. By the end of December there will be five additional trainers available to serve local churches seeking to use the ministry of Bridgebuilders.

Upcoming events related to Bridgebuilders:

October 20, 2012 – ERC sponsored multi-church BridgeBuilders Seminar at Eberly’s Mill Church of God (Camp Hill PA)

October 21, 2012 – Bridgebuilders Seminar at Shippensburg PA First Church of God

October 23-24, 2012 – Bridgebuilders Seminar at The Gathering (CGGC event sponsored by the Commission on Renewal)   in Findlay OH

October 26-27, 2012 – Bridgebuilders Seminar at Western Regional Pastors and Leaders Conference (Branson MO)

January 3-4, 2013 – Bridgebuilders Seminar at Mt Pleasant Church of God (ARC) in Mt. Pleasant PA


17 06 2012

Dr. Steve Dunn, Bridgebuilders creator, speaking at the recent sessions of the Great Lakes Conference in Findlay OH. Photo courtesy of Ed Rosenberry.

The Commission on Evangelism of the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God is sponsoring the next multi-church Bridgebuilders Seminar.  It will be held Saturday, September 22, 2012 at the Newville Church of God.Newville is located along I-81 in Cumberland County PA.  Wayne Good will be the host pastor.

The ERC has also planned a multi-church event in the Harrisburg area on Saturday, October xx, 2012. The location will be announced soon.

Additional Bridgebuilders are being sponsored by local churches:

October 21, 2012 at the Shippensburg First Church of God (Paul Tatum, Senior Pastor). This is a Bridgebuilders Conference which is modified event of the formal seminar.

January 3-4, 2013 at the Mt. Pleasant Church of God in Mt Pleasant PA. Brad Adams is host.

A Bridgebuilders is also being planned by the Latrobe PA Church of God.


3 11 2011

Steve has two BRIDGEBUILDERS SEMINARS remaining in 2011.  One is this Saturday, November 5th  at the Linglestown Church of God on the northeast side of Harrisburg PA.  You can still register by calling Patty at 717-898-8144.

Last Saturday’s event at the Germantown Church of God near Cascade MD was postponed due to a snowstorm. It is being rescheduled between now and Christmas.  Watch this blog or the BRIDGEBUILDERS SEMINARS Facebook Page.

December 1 and 3 Steve is offering a special four-hour workshop called THE SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE OF BLOGGING. This is a practical workshop on how to use a blog as a tool of ministry. It includes: identifying a purpose, choosing a blog engine, designing a blog, how to write for a blog, and how to publicize and syndicate you blog. Cost is $15 per person and includes a notebook called THE SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE OF BLOGGING. Register by clicking “attend” or by calling Patty at 717-898-8144. Deadline to register is November 28, 2011.