12 02 2013

ON MISSIONby Steve Dunn

We are all familiar with the Great Commission-“Go and make disciples …” It was something we were taught from the earliest days that Churches of God were called into being.

Evangelism and making authentic disciples was at the heart of the movement John Winebrenner and others began in 1825 when the Holy Spirit told them the Church in America needed renewal and revival.

The Great Commission reminds us that the Church has always been intended to be a missionary movement, a group of people on mission with Jesus to bring the Good News of the Kingdom to the world.

It is an identity that has largely been lost as so many of our churches have slipped into a maintenance mentality–keeping a program going, a building function, and providing services those who are already disciples of Jesus Christ.

It is time again to become a missionary organization.

How do we do this?

It begins with prayer, prayer that God will give you eyes to see and for the mission field that begins right outside your front door.

This first step helps your church become receptive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Next you examine God’s Word, to become aware of the dynamics of the Great Commission to become Christ’s respectful ambassadors. Remember, you are not going out to fight a culture war, you are going out to share the Good News of the Kingdom by developing redemptive relationships with your un-churched neighbors. Suggested scriptures: 1 Peter 3.8-13, 2 Corinthians 5:14-21,Matthew 9:35-38.

Thirdly, start listening to the culture. What do people in the prevailing culture value? what do they struggle with? who do they respect? what are their dreams? And think locally as much as possible.

Then identify points of contact where you may be able to do an act of kindness in Jesus name, so you can begin to create opportunities to get connected with them and start building redemptive relationships with them. We call this BUILDING BRIDGES TO THE BRIDGE.

Make a simple plan, prepare for action – and then SIMPLY DO IT!




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