24 05 2010

Increasingly the traditional church is learning what has been an open secret in youth ministry for decades. Worship is evangelism. When seekers come into a gathering where people are transparent and passionate to worship God, there is an electricity present that captures their attention and begins to open their hearts and minds to Him.

We are not talking about worship as a perfunctory act of obedience, all about form and language. We are talking about that humbling of one’s heart, that unashamed and unscripted abandonment of oneself to the transforming power of God. “Let love be genuine” is the command of scripture. When worship is a genuine expression of a heartfelt love for Jesus Christ, it illumines the dark places of our world with the awesome, supernatural light of the world. No one has to explain God or even defend Him. Worship reveals His presence.

Christian preachers are learning to communicate to emerging generations in effective ways. And churches are learning to worship in ways that communicate meaning and invite new people to enter into the flow of worship. Creative tools and worship arts create an atmosphere for worship that helps engage people of many personalities and passions as participants.

But in the end, worship that is genuine — in Spirit and in Truth — is what lifts up Christ and draws all people — old and young, modern and postmodern, traditional and contemporary, raised in the church or one who will be the first generation of their family to find faith — and ultimately (to quote Dan Kimball) to be the bridge to the Bridge that reconciles people to God.



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